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Holding the Space- Your Biggest Gift to the World Right Now

Holding the Space- Your Biggest Gift to the World Right Now

As the whole world is holding her breath as the corona  virus ravages the economy and the actual existence of millions is put in jeopardy, all of us want to feel comfortable and at peace.

This is especially evident in the posts that we all see on social media. Don’t see or speak the negative; find the positive etc.  Have you noticed yourself wanting to hear that loved ones and friends are doing well and not feeling worried and scared. I found myself carrying around constant worry about my daughter and son and only wanting to hear that they were coping well with the fears surrounding the pandemic.  I wanted to reach out with some comforting text or the other. To be completely honest the only reason I was thinking of multiple texts that I could send to my kids was so that I would get a response from them and then I would know they were well  and not so depressed that they could not be bothered to respond to their Mom’s text :D.  Classic Mom manipulation tactic  – I was too afraid to send a text just asking “ Hey, how are you doing?” Or “How are you feeling?” I did not want to hear “ It sucks”. I am feeling scared & worried.”

This morning as I went into my meditation with this worry and tapped down my anxiety, I remembered my own advice about allowing the present moment. I was reminded that the lesson that the pandemic is teaching us is to rest comfortably into the uncertainty by allowing the truth of this present moment. If in that moment, you are worried and you sense that your child far away is worried or that your spouse is terrified, step into the present by taking a deep deep breath. Focusing on your breath and your body is one of the quickest ways to come into the present moment. Take a deep breath; as you feel the breath fill your chest up – visualize your heart opening up. Bring yourself in to your body and feel the breath rancor you in.

Let your heart open and in that space of anchored presence – allow your loved one in – exactly as they are in the moment-angry, scared, worried, terrified. As you take your next deep breath – notice that it is possible for you to hold this space for them. It is possible for you to be anchored in your body, expand your heart, project your energy and be steady.  The steadiness signals to them ( even if they are not close to you – energy travels through time & space) and you that it is ok to feel what you are feeling and allow others to feel what they are. The pushing away, the not wanting to hear, see  or feel the anxiety that is omnipresent right now is dishonoring the present moment.

From the second charita( second section) in the Devi Mahatmya “ Her power is so great that while the asuras ( demons) attack she remains serene, responding effortlessly to their exertions.” This serenity at the center of a storm is what we crave in this moment. This serenity in the midst of battle is what we are seeking. Two ways for you to get there. The exercise in the image above and the video at this link.

Would love to know how you felt after doing this. Take care. We are all in this together. Let us practice holding apace for each other.