About Sree


Sree Meleth was raised in a Hindu Nair family by a devout father and an agnostic mother. She was working her way through the normal teenage angst of trying to decide whether she believed in God or not when she lost her mother in a plane crash at the age of 19. With her mother, Sree lost her sense of home, her single steadfast source of emotional support and her trust in life. A few months later, still bruised, shocked and very tired of the back and forth in her mind about whether or not to believe in a God, Sree decided to try living as if she were a believer. Today, some 38 years later, that tentative step towards faith has blossomed into a steadfast knowing and unshakable connection. Sree now lives her spirituality. She views every situation in her life through the lens of her spiritual practices that incorporate ideas from all major world religions as well as modern teachers such as Abraham-Hicks. In this Blog, she shares the story of her journey, her insights, and practices.